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Signing a Contract

CKKB Holdings LLC. is a 1st generation, women-owned company dedicated to providing top-notch real estate investment consultations and transaction coordination services. As one of the newest players in the industry, we are proud to offer fresh thinking combined with a modern approach to maximize your goals. 


Areas we specialize in: 

 Transaction Coordination  I  Interior Design  I  Property Services  I  Foreclosure Assistance 

Services Offered

Managing Finances

Transaction Coordination 

Close a deal recently and need a TC?  DYK? 3 out of every 7 wholesale real estate transactions do not close. At CKKB, we understand that acquiring a project or property utilizing creative finance can be a complex and daunting task. That's why we offer a comprehensive transaction coordinator service to help oversee your investment from start to finish. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Foreclosure Assistance

Facing foreclosure can feel like an insurmountable challenge. With our expertise in real estate, we will find a solution. Schedule a consultation today to explore your options to remediate your situation quickly and efficiently. 

Apartment Balconies

Property Services

Is managing tenants is taking up more time than anticipated? Perhaps there are too many competing priorities in life. Seize the opportunity to outsource the day to day oversight to CKKB, a firm with first hand experience as a owner operator of STR, MTR, and LTR assets in New Hanover and Wayne County.

Interior Design

Design Consultation 

Does your STR, MTR, or LTR need a facelift? With the barrage of competing priorities in your business, let CKKB do the heavy lifting to reimage your space to attract and retain tenants. Focus on moving forward and we will focus on reenergizing your rentals. 






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