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Residential Buildings

What exactly does a Transaction Coordinator (TC) do?

Real estate transaction coordinators are invaluable assets to real estate investors. They keep the transaction process running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that all documents and deadlines are accurately tracked and reported.


Function and roles include:

  • QB the transaction to ensure on-time closing 

  • Communicate between title, escrow, buyer, and seller

  • Organize and coordinate to meet closing date

  • Oversight of transaction; including addendums and provisions

  • Handle post-closing administration


By streamlining the entire process, transaction coordinators help investors quickly close deals, allowing them to maximize their investments and save time. Their knowledge of current regulations and trends, as well as their attention to detail, make them vital to a successful commercial or residential real estate transaction. Transaction coordinators add immense value to any investor’s deal-closing process, saving them time and money.

The Contract

Pricing for Services Offered: 

Initial 50% deposit is required before the file can be opened.

Remaining balance will be due at closing.

Cash Deal                                                                                   $750

Lending Transactions                                                             $1000

Standard Subto                                                                        $1000

Seller Finance & Hybrid                                                           $1500

Wrap                                                                                           $1850


Contract Consult                                                                        $180

Seller Walk Through                                                                  $1755

Rush Fees                                                                                   $150

*Any deals with a COE <than 2 weeks will automatically be charged a rush fee.

Holidays excluded. Full amount due upfront* 

Additional Document Write Ups                                              $250

*We consult and work with the client to complete the below documents.

These MUST be completed with the client*

  • JV Agreement

  • Promissory Note 

  • Mortgage/ Deed of Trust 

Post Closing Service                                                                        $1,800                              

*This process can take 30-45 days and therefore close follow up is required*

  • HOA Transfer 

  • POA 

  • Insurance Set Up 

  • Mortgage Portal Set Up & Information Update

  • Utility Set Up (Water, Gas, Oil, Electric) 

Please Note: Initial 50% deposit is required before the file can be worked and the remaining balance will be due at closing. In the event that your deal does not make it to the finish line, the remaining balance will not be charged. Please keep in mind that all initial deposits are non-refundable due to services already being rendered. 

Potential clients engaging in our services must be willing to sign a service agreement, hold harmless agreement, and joint venture agreement. These legal agreements are necessary to protect both our clients and our business from any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the course of our work together. It is mandatory for clients to read and sign these agreements before we can provide any services. By signing these agreements, clients indicate their understanding of the terms and conditions of working with us and agree to comply with all requirements. We encourage all clients to carefully read and consider the implications of these agreements before signing. By choosing to work with CKKB Holdings LLC, clients acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by all terms and conditions stated in these legal agreements.

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