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At CKKB Holdings LLC., we understand the ins and outs of real estate investing utilizing creative finance.  After 20 years in corporate America in the digital marketing and fintech payment services industry, our founder was inspired to pursue her   true passion of real estate.  From consultation services to investment opportunities, we have
everything you need to get started on your real estate journey.


For over 20 years, I worked in corporate America, while always looking for ways to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. After much thought and consideration (and too many headwinds to mention) I decided to take action and pursue my dreams of real estate investing.


Your home is one of the biggest assets you will own. I have invested in training, mentorships, real estate and have honed in on the following skills to meet a variety of needs; including: 

  • Ensure real property assets are closed with transaction coordination services. 

  • Stage and design your property with intent and care for guests.

  • Be a local and hands on resource for your STR, MTR, or LTR.

  • Facing foreclosure? Time is of the essence, find solutions now to avoid foreclosure!


As the proud owner of CKKB Holdings LLC., I'm excited to share the litany of opportunities available in this industry with you while working directly to help you achieve success. 

 Cheers!  - Colleen

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